Sump'n Sump'n

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Sump'n Sump'n is a custom lure manufacturer that specializes in hand painted lures and jigs that the bass just can't resist.  Their products are sold all over the world.  If you are looking to change from the standard colors and designs that every other fisherman is using...and actually show the bass something they aren't conditioned to seeing everyday...Sump'n Sump'n is the answer.

2017 Fishers of Men Sponsorship Benefits:

Through the sponsorship of Sump'n Sump'n, you will be able to get your hands on their products via our pre-tournament give aways...the Sump'n Sump'n Big Bass award, where you can win a Bass Snax Custom painted lure.


We want to thank Sump'n Sump'n for thier continued support of Fishers of Men.