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Nothing stops you like Power-Pole Shallow Water Anchors.


Sport fishing requires the ability to stop your boat and work an area quickly and quietly as you spot or catch your fish. With Power-Pole shallow water anchor’s advanced technology you can stop your boat quickly and quietly with the touch of a button and keep your boat securely in place, even in heavy wind and current. A Power-Pole anchor is also eco-friendly and causes no damage to the environment.

2017 Fishers of Men Sponsorship Benefits:

Welcome to the Club

The 2017 Captains Cash Club rewards tournament anglers who join the club and win with their Power-Pole® shallow water anchor!

Captains Cash

That’s right. Get cash rewards for winning sanctioned tournaments with your Power-Pole shallow water anchor! We love winners and we want to reward you for making Power-Pole an important part of your advantage over the competition.

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How to become a member of the Power-Pole Captains Cash Club

  1. Read, Understand and Agree to the Terms and Conditions
    Purchase of Captains Cash membership will constitute a certification that the participant has read, understands, and agrees to abide by terms and conditions of the Power-Pole Captains Cash Rewards program.
  2. Purchase a Club Membership
    Membership is $24.95 for 2017. All Captains Cash participants must purchase a Captains Cash membership.
  3. Win a Sanctioned Event using your Power-Pole anchor!
    Be sure to check the current list of sanctioned tournaments.
  4. Download a Claim Form and get Paid!
    Did you win a sanctioned tournament as a registered Captains Cash Club Member? If so, be sure you get paid by submitting a completed Captains Cash Affidavit Claim of Tournament Win form.

Tournament anglers please note: Power-Pole Captains Cash Rewards recipients will be responsible for paying any and all local, state, federal or other taxes on contingency earnings.

Claiming Your Captains Cash Rewards

Registered Power-Pole owners placing first place overall only in a sanctioned event are eligible for contingency payments. Winners must be verified through the sanctioned tournament via website, newsletter or other official organization communication and obtain tournament director’s signature on claim form. Completed Power-Pole Captains Cash claims forms must be submitted within 30 days of the tournament win.